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“Leading Teens Closer To Christ”


Q: What is Life Teen?

A: Life Teen is a movement within the Catholic Church in an effort to bring Jesus Christ to the youth of the Church. It is an international organization in over 33 countries. LifeTeen desires to help teens understand the reality of Christ in their life. It is a community for teenagers to come share the faith with one another and learn how the faith applies to their everyday life. 

Put simply, Life Teen strengthens our teens’ Catholic identity, while rooting them firmly in Christ and His Church.

What Does LifeTeen Do? 


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A Life-Night is a weekly gathering of youth at St Paul’s. There are games, dynamic teaching about the faith and small group discussion.Sunday nights is where you can start building a community of faith among your fellow peers. As you build this community of friends we hope that you will have them throughout your faith journey.


Times: Sunday evenings from 6pm-8pm

Place: Parish Life Center (Gym) from September-April.

There is no prior registration required for LifeTeen. You can just show up on a Sunday nights! Friends are always welcome to join!


Bible Study Photo (Website)Bible Study

Bible Study is a mid-week meeting held in Joseph’s home. There is hang out time, and plenty of homemade snacks! The group that meets on Wednesday takes a topic and explores it for several weeks. We have spent time in the Book of Revelations, Ephesians, and the Gospel of John. The groups also talks about topics such as: Discipleship, Leadership, and Relationships.

Who is this for?

The teen that wants to go deeper in their faith.
The teen that wants a smaller group to be around.
The teen that may not be able to come to a Sunday night meeting, but still wants more out of Church!
It is open to all and everyone in the youth ministry and the teen’s friends catholic or non-catholic!


Time: Wednesday Nights  7pm-8:30pm  (year round)

Place: Joseph and Melanie’s Home (Contact Joseph for the Address) 



LifeTeen has several events throughout the year! These events are for the teens to come together and have a great time! The usually take place off-site and are always a big hit! They include:

Guys Night, Girls Night, Movie Premiers, Paint Splash (Annual), Laser Tag, Paint Ball, Hiking/Canoeing, and much more!