Have you been searching for a study that you can do with your family? Maybe with your family and other families? Perhaps you just want to gather with a few other friends? But you just can’t get to the church for the times and dates offered–or you need a babysitter and can’t get away?

We are now offering an opportunity for you to utilize FORMED in your homes while still connecting to the church. We are setting up a group study so that you can create your own family or group study in the comfort of your own homes–and then use the discussion module on FORMED to connect with other groups throughout the duration of the study.

The first program we will utilize this format with will be the widely acclaimed series, “The Wild Goose.”

Steps to join “The Wild Goose” at St. Paul Catholic Parish study:

  1. Contact Dustine May at dmay@stpaulncanton.org to register your group. Dustine will provide the participant worksheets for each group.
  2. Invite your family and/or friends to join you for the study.
  3. Be prepared to meet 1.5-2 hours weekly for 7 weeks to cover 2, approximately 30 minute, videos and discussion for each.
  4. If you have not joined FORMED yet, create an account at www.formed.org and enter access code: 8JYWZ6
  5. Click on Community on the FORMED home page.
  6. You will find The Wild Goose videos and St. Paul Discussion Forum on our Community Page. Each week pick someone from your group to give highlights of your study to share with the other participating groups.