2015 St. Paul Catholic Church Capital Campaign



December Update:

Thank you to the 819 donors who have pledged $1,850,679 to the St. Paul Capital Campaign!  The LED lighting project and the school window project have been completed.  Work has begun on the parking lot and will continue after Easter, weather permitting.  We have paid the Diocese of Youngstown $100,000 over the past year and will continue to make payments on the remaining $400,000.  After the parking lot is completed, the next projects to be completed include air conditioning for the school buildings and other renovation projects in the school.  This work will be scheduled and completed as the funds are available.

If you would still like to part of the St. Paul Capital Campaign, you can donate by using the green envelopes included in your envelope packet or click on the EGiving button on our home page.

We greatly appreciate all of the donations and support for this project!

$400,000 Creation & Renovation of Harmon Street Parking Lot

Harmon Street Parking Lot

Harmon Parking Area - Behind Pre-School

On Friday, July 15, we received confirmation that the Hoover Foundation and the Community Improvement Corporation have approved grants for $200,000 that will enable St. Paul to enhance the physical appearance of the parking lot by burying the overhead utility wires and removing the utility poles.  The grant will also enable fencing and landscaping similar to the fencing along the Hoover district on East Maple to be installed after widening of Maple Street is completed.  The parish has agreed to allow the public to continue to use the lots for access to the businesses on Main Street, and for the various “downtown” public gatherings and programs.  The improvements will greatly assist the local North Canton community and make the Main Street/Maple Street surroundings more attractive for tenants of the retail businesses.  The parking lot improvements will benefit both the parish and the community.  Now that the grants have been determined, we are hoping to be able to undertake the actual installation of the parking lot in the very near future.


$180,000 School Window Replacement

A-Building Windows

C-Building Windows


The replacement of the windows in the school buildings was started the week of the July 18 and is expected to be completed when school opens in August.


$130,000 Campus wide LED lighting conversion

LED lights have been installed in the pre-school, in the A, B and C buildings of the school, in the Parish Life Center and the parish office building.  The Church building lights are being installed the week of July 18.  These lighting improvements will lower our electric costs and should also lessen the heat given off by the incandescent lamps.


$200,000 School Improvement Projects

Our three school buildings have 8 bathrooms, several of which are in desperate need of renovation.  Our school bell system has not functioned in over 5 years, and much of the concrete sidewalks are crumbling and a trip hazard, and there are numerous other smaller cost projects that are difficult to accomplish through our operating budget.  This project will be undertaken if/when sufficient funds are raised.


$XXX,000 Church and School Legacy and Endowment Funds

All funds raised over and above these projects will be added to these funds helping to ensure the long-term viability of our Church and School.



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